October 2007. Photos from Washington DC.

All Photography Copyright Andy Lepki, 2009.
Abraham Lincoln Washington Cathedral sign
John F Kennedy Grave Capitol Building

Washington Newspapers White House
Sculpture Washington St Louis Washington
Sputnik Smithsonian Washington monument
Washington underground Green festival Washington
Smithsonian Smithsonian 2
Toronto airport Watergate Washington
Fancy building Washington Lincoln memorial from a different angle
Bus stop Washington Washington bus
Toronto sky at sunset World War 2 monumnet
Eagle monument Shaina Washington
Washinton pointy monument Scientology church
Washinton monument - scene from Forrest Gump Arlington cemetary - JFK grave
Lunar module Ronald Reagan airport
Potomac bridge Flag and monument
Capitol building Sputnik
Old TWA mark Old building Washington
US flags 1879 Museum
Pennsylvania monument Lepki, the next president
Washington subway Sign from M*A*S*H* in Smithsonian
Marilyn Monroe Lincoln speech
Washington Lincoln Lincoln columns
Abraham Lincoln Lincoln's hat
Kennedy Zeppelin and a gift shop
Washington subway Washington subway
Washington hotel Eastern Air Lines
Byzantine church Washintgon Georgetown
Georgetown design Georgetown sign
Chinatown Subway Fountains
Retro fire sign Subway escalator
Lincoln building Dupont Circle
Cops Washington Subway sign Washington
Dorothy shoes Bus Washington
Hotels Washington Arabic sign
Chinatown Subway Design Capitol
C3P0 and R2D2 Smithsonian Capitol building
George Bush's old house Brown and orange swirly design
Lepki and his tripod Bell Jet
Bee in the Smithsonian garden Arlington cemetary
Arlington Space toothpaste
Apollo VII logo Anna Maria's
National Museum Lunar Lander
  Lepki Whitehouse