Dec 2011. Photos from Antigua.

Santa arriving on Antigua by boat

The beach at the Verandah Hotel Antigua

Sir Viv Richards Stadium Antigua

Blue sea at the Verandah beach

Lisa at the lookout point

Old married couple posing for their 2011 shot

Palm tree

Bucket full of pina colada

A rainbow over the veranda

Stewed okra

Carribean plant life

Another rainbow over the sea

View from the sea

Shiny sparkly sea


Posing at the lookout point

Drive by picture from the taxi

Antigua Brewery Crates

Tiny Birds

Green hotel with a West Indian hat coloured roof

Hotel that looks like a cricket pavillion

Palms in the sunlight

Red Stripe for sale

West Indian Cuisine sign

Antigua flag


Nutmeg on top of a latté

Steel band at the veranda

Departure lounge at VC Bird airport, Antigua