May 2009. Photos from Belgium.

All Photography Copyright Andy Lepki, 2009.
Koolbranders-Straat Leffe
Pension de Famille Brussels Tintin

flemish and french signs brussels buildings and radio mast
built in 1697 vapour trails
mannekinpis rue de l'etuve
lots of intricate architecture stad brussel
fancy indoor mall old england musical instrument museum
the atomium blocked by some building old and new in brussels
bike park gare du midi
belfry clock another clock
snappy titled fast food joiny and another
stef! slagroomtruffels
beer and funfair near the waterpark
old brugges baot trips in brugges
the bell tower brugges swan
a very old building the bells which keep you awake all night
view from the belfry out towards the channel
red houses moffats
the lepkis not quite sure
brugges train station erm you have all this gothic architecture and you take photos of a van?
grand place at night
bell tower
stained glass brugges
cherry beer
grand place
poster of the atomium
rue stalingrad