Sep 2009. Photos from Carcassonne, Narbonne, France, © Andy Lepki, 2009.
French gardens
Vineyards in the distance

La Canal

Sunset in Southern France

Video of the Southern France holiday

Captain Coupe and his muscles

Official boat photographer
Dining al fresco on the boat
Touring the countryside
bit of French bling
La Poste
Our boat - the Jolly Girl Cheese
Grapes and grapes and grapes
Chateau Ventenac
Grape picker
Daily morning croissants
le breakfast
The Couperschmitzes hard at work
Hillside Chateau
Captain Coupe
First Mate Moffat
International Badminton lunchtime championship
Brataslava V Canada
Canal-side aperitif

Amused Anna

An Englishman abroad
Al fresco cassolet
Early morning lake dip
the crumbling grandeur
Boat reading
Donkeys on the shore
Admiring the view
Lovely buildings
Disco Andy
Laughing Lisa
Onion shop
big sky
Gorgeous tree
Tough to get lost!
Sunset over the vineyards
Catching the last rays
Crazy looking Andy
Dappled light
Narbonne train station sign
Last view
Chicken feast on beach
The seaside

Andy's new hairstyle

Beach day at La Port Nouvelle
Where we did not have lunch
Just chilling...
Carcassonne nightlife
Overlooking the cite
On the move
River weed
How high the water's rose in Carcassonne
Deck chair
Postcards of Carcassonne
Lovely buildings
Restaurant in the Cite
Peering out over Carcassonne
Stopping the sightseeing for some midafternooon wine
River-side naps
Wine drinking spot in the Cite
People dying to queue for as long as possible for Ryan Air
Comedy genital covering on Neptune
Dining in the square
Exquisite hotel breakfast room artwork.

Why do we all have such nutso mug shots?
Captain and first mate