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cienfuegos is a relatively affluent feeling town on the south coast of cuba, roughly 100 km, and a $10 drive away from havana...

after the frenzy of havana, cienfuegos is a good place to regather and take advantage of the relative tranquility...

a fairly compact town with not really that much to do, dollar shops are springing up more and more selling salsa cds, tshirts, ornaments and general miscellany; my huge cuban flag, a symbol of pride and patriotism cost me $12, yes dollars, from one of the strange feeling deparment lack of department stores...

you could go into one of these needing some socks, and find no socks but hundreds of egg whisks; absolutly no logic defines supply and demand in cuba away from the black market, a market a naive traveller would be well advised not to dabble in unless they had dollars to smoke...

as described elsewhere, luck plays such a huge part in what casa, and ultimately, experience you have in a certain town... our luck was in, and Geronimo was a complete star on the cuban flag; a fantastci host, cook, and tourist adviser, only to willing to assist...

his house was a bargain, and felt safe, a priceless commodity after shifty policemen and jinteros in havana...


definitely recommended :

jeronimo garcia escoriza

calle 35 no 5806

e/ 58 y 60


phone : (0432) 6549