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Havana is wicked but maybe best to do at the end of your journey when you are more used to the Cuban ways and can speak a bit of spanish??

Loads of casas but make sure you stay in the right part of town (ie Centro or Vieja Habana) near to the sights and places to go out. The first night you get there a taxi driver at the airport will gladly show you his mates/cousins/brothers house. I think this is OK for the first night and its tough getting a hotel. The driver will tell the person on reception to say its full so that he gets a bit of comission from the casa owner!!

Havana is Cuba's political and economical capitol, a fact emphasised by the huge white house style 'Capitol' building, imposing over the city... The buildings are washed with faded pastels, but, like the country, are often in a dubious state of repair; there are often glorious 20's sugar prospector's mansions with marble staircases, but a battered in door, or huge potholes in the road, with the constant clatter and wheeling out of rusty wheelbarrows full of some kind of cobbled together bits of bricks and sand from somewhere or other...

contact :

jorge conesa consulado #17

ciajo y cancel de benios cuidad habana 2 cuba 10200 61-7420