Photos from various concerts taken in the UK..

All Photography Copyright Andy Lepki.

Rush at the o2

Damon Albarn Lily Allen
Rufus Wainwright kris kristofferson

madonna in camden (crap picture)

it actually is madonna, honest

croisette shot

Shepherds Bush Empire 2004

croisette shot

Edinburgh 2003

Glastonbury 2003

polyphonic spree




croisette shot
Go! Team live at Electric Ballroom, May 2005


croisette shot


croisette shot



laetitia sadier of stereolab

in general, the boys ( drums, bass, guitars ), set up a song with pleasant chords and driving beats, and then the girls* ( keyboards and vocals ) do their siren thing by luring you in with sweet almost childlike melodies. But by the time you realise it, the songs have shot off on some mad tangent that makes it impossible to return to the original idea. the tangent hooks and cuts, digging deeper in persuit of more chaotic bubblegum.

the beauty of stereolab is that songs like metronomic underground develop byond all recognition, and you find yourself grooving away to discordant Moogs, convoluted rhythms, and french singing about socialism. this progression of stereolab's music shows more innovation than any other band at the moment: the music is challenging, but at times, no pain, no gain.
cybele's reverie is perhaps the most mellow moment in the long set, but it again emphasised the evolution of the group, not just content to rehash their more established tunes.
there is something beautifully playful about la chanteuse laetitia, as she coolly croons and messes with her moog, creating some mad collisions of noise that the rest of the band expand and tamper with, leading us to the promised extension trip.

stereomad maybe, but it's not every band that can take you to heaven and hell and have song titles like international coloring competition along the way.
ko-koo-ki-choo seems a long time ago.

2004 : 2 Olympiads on and stereolab have still got it. on the down side, they have lost the influential Mary to outer space, but have come back with some of their most structured and pleasant songs of their prolific career. They still maintain elements of their one chord marathons that kept them going through the early nineties, but now seem more interested with crafted harmonies and sounds of a more melodic nature than they were perhaps once more prone. Golden Ball doesn't make the cut these days,


primal scream
Primal Scream have been going for nearly 20 years, defying the effects of fame, drugs and categorisation.
bit of scream
In Association with
primal scream - screamadelica
snow patrol. pretty dull in all honesty seeing as i can't remember any songs or anybody's name


shed seven
gaz coombs


yo la tengo
yo la tengo




buena vista social club flags at manics yes
buena vista social club glastonbury 03   yes glastonbury 03
lemon jelly
cooper temple clause glastonbury 02 spiritualised glastonbury 02 lemon jelly glastonbury 03