Dec 2008. Photos from South America, copyright Andy Lepki.

Quito Panecillo Quito from Teleforiqo
Quito Ecuacolor click
Quito basilica Quito Kite

Galapagos : Iguana Galapagos : Booby
Galapagos : Blue Footed Booby Galapagos : Sea Lion
Galapagos : Silver Sky Galapagos : Giant Tortoise
Galapagos : Puerto Ayora Shop Galapagos : Bird and Egg
Montanita Riobamba
Ariz del Diablo Train Ecuadorian Harry Potter
Alausi Market Alausi
Alausi Statue Cuenca Art Gallery
Andy in Cuenca Cuenca San Francisco
Cuenca Cathedral Kid on coconut bike
Villcabamba Hills of Ecuador
Galapagos Copacabana Sunset
Copacabana Sunset Triangles
Copacabana Copacabana
Bolivian Factory Titikaka boat
Isla del Sol Isla del Sol
Isla del Sol, view of Bolivia Bolivia ads
La Paz La Paz
La Paz alligator La Paz swings
La Paz market La Paz

Bolivian soldiers Cristo Bianco Cusco
Cusco parade Ince trail start
Andy Climbing Base Camp day 1
Craggy Rocks Porter Inca Trail
Profile pictures Up really high in Peru
Standard Macchu Picchu Picture Photographer at Macchu Picchu
Up in the Clouds Ince Trail
Macchu Picchu Andy Macchu Picchu
Uyuni Andy & Lisa Uyuni
jeep Uyuni Brits leaping in Uyuni
Gesyers Uyuni Gesyers
Hotsprings Uyuni Chile Argentina border
Mendoza train station mendoza
Mendoza Valparaiso
Valparaiso Valparaiso
don;t stand on the Maoi Lisa Rano Raraku
Quarry - Rano Raraku Rapa Nui Map
Wayne Rooney as a Maoi Rano Kau - crater
Sunset on Easter Island Maoi and a LAN airplane
Iguazu Falls Rio
Rio Rio Cristo and Andy
maracana Sugar Loaf
In the Maracana Ipanema Pavement
Favela Carlos
Bike backy Pink flower

Young Brazilian kid hanging around Pink wall
Fried banana Morere
Lobster Horse and palms
Beer delivery Boipeba Boater Bopieba
Valenca Brazil Valenca
Valenca fruit market Shrimp and Car-wreck
Yellow triangles Salvador Condo Block
Lunch Part 1 Andy in Salvador