A round up of photos from the zeroes - taken all over the world.

All Photography by Andy Lepki, Best of 2007 Best of 2008 Best of 2009

It may appear that strictly speaking, this is a retrospective of my photography not of the full decade, but of 2002-2009. Well, there is a very good reason for this - I got my first digital camera in 2002 and started taking quite a lot of pictures since then. My processed image folder says I have over 12,000 images from this date onwards, and there have been quite a lot of crap ones which don't show up there too.

This picture was one of the first I ever took, and was very nearly used in the Glastonbury programme for an ad campaign for Budweiser. Not a bad start, but 8 years on, money is yet to roll in from multinationals and lepki.com continues to show a small operating loss each year :)


These are the cameras used on this site. Ixus 330, Ixus 500, Rebel XT, and an Ixus 80 IS.

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In early 2003, I visited Cannes for an ESOMAR conference ( thats European standards of market research or something). the light was lovely as was Cannes.


Between 1999 and 2003, I was working at Kudos Research, which is a whole other story, but round the corner from the trendy Old Street offices was this Hoston graffiti. I have a lot more London pictures.


An early decade favourite from Vienna, taken from the Prater in the Spielplatz.


I've been lucky enough to see some cracking shows in the 2000's - Radiohead, Stereolab, Yo La Tengo all multiple times, and many amazing acts at Glastonbury such as the White Stripes, James Brown, Brian Wilson, Neil young and Leonard Cohen.

One of my favourite days of the decade was at Glastonbury - Radiohead, Flaming Lips, Supergrass, Turin Brakes (meh), Jimmy Cliff and Jools Holland, but the energy and enthusiasm of the Polyphonic Spree (photo from a later show in Edinburgh) generated a wild euphoria that pear cider alone cannot create!


First and so far only time in Asia - Thailand. Look forward to more adventures out that way in the future.


Manchester - Lowry Centre. My home town has seen a massive update over the decade, with the world's biggest football team seeing another European Cup and 6 Premiership titles and some pretty cool new architecture and urban development.


The best piece of artwork of the decade - Olafur Eliasson 's The Weather Project bringing the sun and warmth to te huge space in the Tate Modern. Everything else since has been a bit pony!


A little musical break for you - Tallgroove playing a rare appearance in 2005 in Camden.

Sunny Saturdays, reading the paper on Primrose Hill - The Guardian of course, this picture taken in 2005 prior to the paper's relaunch in Berliner format - the research around which formed quite a bit of my first stint at the paper.

I am back at the Guardian now working as a web analyst, though I kind of like the title marketing scientist which is pretty much the same thing.


The decade in which the country went to the dogs.

Well, not really, as Walthamstow dog track closed down.


Prague! Well, Cesky Krumlov here, but its nice to know my favourite European country is still as nice despite the stag parties and Ryanair based destruction.

Thanks to Barry for making me go in 1994 and inspiring that wanderlust.

2006 was the year Lisa & I moved over to Canada, and opened up travel and adventures around North America. This first trip out to Phoenix, Arizona added a few new colours to the palette.
I have about 5000 pictures of lakes and mountains and yet the picture which I choose to show Calgary is a fat guy walking into Staples...
OK, here's a mountain. :)
And to show how domesticated I became in the decade, here is a video of a home renovation project - laying a hardwood floor.

Round the corner from my Calgary office - Critical Mass, the digital agency where I spent a quarter of the decade monetising Mercedes Benz customers and speaking with great authority on paper towel marketing strategy amongst many other things...


And one picture from the Calgary Stampede. Yee-ha!
A trip round North America in a little video made for Lisa's 30th birthday
I am not putting any wedding pictures or people pictures in here - but here is one of the pavillion in Brighton taken in our wedding week.
Just one picture from 5 months in South America. how do you choose? Well if you have 2 pigs cosying up on a beach that makes it a bit easier. Many, many more start in Ecuador.
A little bit more Brighton.

And one final one from Canada to wrap up the decade.

See you in 10 years!

Lepki products launching some time in the 2010's...

Watch this space.