A round up of photos from 2009 - taken in England and the South of France.

All Photography by Andy Lepki, 2009 Best of 2007 Best of 2008 Best of 2009

After a year of getting married and travelling round South America in 2008, it was quite nice to be back in London.


State of the nation in 2009! Massive redevelopment work at St Pancras under the ever watchful eye of CCTV. I start work at 9.30am, so observe the punctual arrival.


Brighton, on one of many visits.

Brighton video timelapse. Whoa, multimedia!
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Brighton, again!


Somewhere in the hills near Southend on Sea. The cows coming home. notice the theme of rainy clouds - you can tell we're back in England!


A little bit of Belgium, with Brussels and Bruges



Bruges, the view from the bell tower. Very gothic.


Wheat and poppies in a field somewhere in Lincolnshire.


A lock-keepers house by the side of the canal du midi in the south of France.



This fence in the south of France looks a bit like a painting to me. More canal du midi.

Video from Frend canal holiday.

Kingston Empire,


The one Glastonbury shot of the year - this time inside the silent disco with our Earlsfield landlords.

Views from my office.

And one final one from Canada to wrap up the decade