Dec 2008. Photos from Brazil, South America.
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Brazil is so much fun. With good food, drink and a friendly atmosphere, the country has a charm that will stay with you and make you want to return at the first opportunity.

Florianopolis in the south has a great combination of beaches and lakes, with great places all throughout the island of Santa Caterina to walk and relax. A long bus journey away is the hard to get to, but thoroughly spectacular Iguazu Falls. These waterfalls are best viewed from the Argentinian side, but the range of accomodation in Brazil is probably a little nicer.

Rio de Janiero is a superlative busting city, which has now overtaken Prague and Amsterdam as #1 Lepki city in the world! The combination of the lively city, Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, effortless samba, rodizio churrascaria barbequed meat, caiparinhas, boat rides and great views from Sugar Loaf mountain and Cristo Redentor make this a must see city.

It's hard to top a city like that, but Salvador nearly does that, with music at the heart of this intriguing, hot, sultry city. Again the beaches and views are world class, and as long as you are relativley sensible, the city is much safer than some guide books suggest!

in the far north east, there is sunshine and variety with great beaches all up the coast, Boipeba and Morere being the pick of the bunch.

  Top Picture : Rio from the Sugar Loaf mountain

On the way to Iguazu - bunting on a used car lot

Rio Cristo
Florianopolis flower
Florianopolis beach

Andy and Cristo Maracana Stadium Rio


Long bridge Rio

some hostel area near Iguacu

Iguazu trees

Pluma Bus


Favela rio

Sugar Loaf
Brazil coast
Salvador art
Broken Cross salvador
Postcards from honeymoon
Zico flag
Andy and Lisa Maracana
Flamengo fans
Rio fun team Scenarium
Florianopolis house : Portolagoa Studio in Florianopolis
Florianopolis lagoa
Praia Mole
Lisa Florianopolis
Obama wins Florianopolis
Nutella on the beach
Essential Kit for a day at the beach
Hammocking Flowers Brazil
Florianopolis Lagoa Florianopolis
  Lisa on the way to the beach
Florianopolis Brazilian 3 real haircut
Iguazu Iguazu waterfalls
Super Muffato Supermercado Rio from Pao Azucar
Rio Cristo Redentor
Rio clock Rio cathedral

Rio Carnival Boxes

Old Iron Balcony Rio
Fancy cathedral Rio Boxxy building, Rio
Leblon Oi, Rio
Leblon shopping area Rio
Rio bag designs Sugar Loaf
Boater Zico Lepki
Plane and Pao Long bridge
Cristo Favela, Rio

Carlos Rodoviario

Cafe e bar Janeiro
  2 guys riding a bike
Flowers of Bahia Girl hanging around
Brightly coloured wall Fried banana
Boipeba beach Rice and beans
Horse by the beach Beer delivery
Salvador Deco Salvador Barra beach
Pousada Mangueira Tony & Susanna Pousada Mangueira (review in the Observer)
Pousada Mangueira garden Morere
Market Morere Morere street
The local beach Barra Guesthouse rainstorm Salvador
Boipeba downtown Antarctica beer