Dec 2008. Photos from Chile, South America.
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Chile is a ridiculously long and thin country, making for awkwardly shaped maps, and a range of diverse experiences.

San Pedro de Atacama is a pretty, pricy town, a million miles different in feeling to the salt flats of Bolivia, less than 100km away. Buses over to Argentina are not very frequent, so you can spend more time than you bargain for here, which isn't such a bad thing, but may hit the wallet a bit.

Caldera is a quiet beach side town, with the more pleasant Bahia Inglesa a short cab ride away, where you have the opportunity to stay inside a geodesic dome, and eat completos (hot dogs with guacamole) to your heart`s content.

Valparaiso is as geographicaly ludicrous as the country itself, with a network of elevators (ascenseurs) taking you up and down the steep colourful streets, regularly adorned with artistic graffiti. Pablo Neruda`s house is suitably eccentric and provides a great view over the active port harbour.

The capital city Santiago is modern and clean, with a lively square and lots of shopping centres. Easter Island is still part of Chile, but will have it`s own page here seeing as it is over 3600 km away from the mainland.

  Top Picture : Graffitti in Valparaiso
Chile - Bolivia border
San Pedro de Atacama
Chile Chile shop front


Domo Chango Geodesic Dome Bahia Igles
Mountain Pass chilean flag
Road to Copiapo Costa del Sol
Escudo cans Lisa with a completo
Completo - guacamole hot dog La Serena
Completo mural dirty street
Storm the Yuppie shops Valparaiso
Stock Market crash - La Tercera Chile Templeman
templeman hostel Templeman hostel
valpariaso Valparaiso
Valparaiso Valparaiso
Valparaiso Valparaiso


Valparaiso Valparaiso
Ano 1912 Valparaiso
Armada de Chile Valparaiso
Santiago Santiago
Como Agua para Chocolat resturant sign Santiago model
Santiago Santiago
Museo de Bella artes Santiago Santiago


Santiago cathedral Virgin Mary Santiago
santiago open air church Palacio Salvo Montevideo
Chilean flag Colours santiago
Street Valparaiso Valparaiso
Valparaiso graffiti Valpariaso bar - Allegretto
Allegretto valparaiso sprayed car
Valparaiso Caracol porteno

caracol Porteno

Valparaiso, and Pablo Neruda`s hosue
Valparaiso Pablo Neruda`s house
Ascenseur Demolished Valpo
Canon Valpo Vina del Mar
Valparaiso valparaiso
Vina del Mar Vina del Mar condos
vina del Mar Pacific Ocean
Valparaiso Santiago square
Santiago santiago hostel
Santiago Ribbon shop
Santiago mercado Empanada options
Gargoyle Santiago Santiago graffiti
Museo de Bella Artes Yo HEART STGO
Streetmap Santiago
Chess playing, Obama CNN in Santiago Cafe Caribe
Ice Cream Panter Panty`s
Santaigo old building Santiago bright light
Santiago urinals Santiago
Como Agua Para Chocolat Andes
Turbus Santiago underground
Andesmar bus