Dec 2008. Photos from Brazil, South America.
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Ecuador is probably best known for the stunning wildlife of the isolated Galapagos Islands which lie about 1000km from the coast, but the country has a vast array of climates and landscapes available to explore.

On our trip, we visited the pretty capital city Quito which is in a deep valley, overlooked by impressive mountains which light up at night with little communties living on the hillsides.

On the coast there are many beach options with Puerto Lopez and Montanita in particular which attract whale watchers and surfers respectively.

Inland, Cuenca is a compact and pretty little city with an academic arty feel (similar to Llubljana of all places). Riobamba didn't look to great from the one night we spent there, and Alausi was good to pass through just for the Ariz del Diablo train ride.

Getting around Ecuador is slow, but beautiful, with mountain passes taking you through lush Equatorial scenery.

Finally, Villcabamba is a fantastic place to hike or horse ride, take in the scenery and enjoy a slower pace of life.

Top picture : An iguana eating a scorpion
Vilcabamba bus times - leaving Ecuador... boooo
Quito Panecillo Quito from Teleforiqo
Quito basilica Ecuacolor click
Quito Quito Kite

Quito Basilica
Nice design near the basilica
Inside Quito Basilica
Inside Quito Basilica
Quito cafe
Quito cafe
Ecuador Pilsener
Lisa Shot - Vodka, Orange, Coffee
Boca del Lobo
Boca del Lobo, Quito
Boca del Lobo
Boca del Lobo
Coffee & Toffee
Cafe Mosaico
Pink and evergreen Quito
Quito old square
Galapagos : Bartholome
Galapagos : Booby
Galapagos : Blue Footed Booby
Galapagos : Sea Lion
Galapagos : Silver Sky
Galapagos : Giant Tortoise
Galapagos : Puerto Ayora Shop
Galapagos : Bird and Egg - more wildlife pictures elsewhere soon
Ariz del Diablo Train
Ecuadorian Harry Potter
Alausi Market
Alausi Statue
Cuenca Art Gallery
Andy in Cuenca
Cuenca San Francisco
Cuenca Cathedral
Kid on coconut bike
Hills of Ecuador
backies in Galapagos
Street Quito
Quito nice bar
Buses Ecuador
Ecaudor bus
Jipijapa Bus
Puerto Lopez beach
Puerto Lopez town, a bit battered in
Hammocks in a powercut
Hostal Los Islotes
Cyber cafe, Puerto Lopez
Montanita bar
Montanita fire dancer
Montanita 5am
Street tomatoes
Riobamba buses
Bad food place in Riobamba
hotel tren Dorado
Riobamba meat sellers
Correos del Ecuador
Shoeshiners Riobamba
Street transport
Tren del diablo
Points chager
Ariz del Diablo train
Ariz del Diablo
we trust Jesus does not smoke
Cuenca by the river
FARC - Fundacion Amigos Rafael Correa
Andy lazing in Cuenca
Lonely Planet reading
Nice orange car
Cuenca cathedral
Sabaneta Cuenca - nice bar
Sabaneta Cuenca
Some other bar in Cuenca
Sabaneta Cuenca
Pisco sours
Erik & Lisa
Breakfast view Izhcayluna Vilcabamba
Izhcayluna Vilcabamba
Erik & Anke Vilcabamba
Hiking trails Izhcayluna Vilcabamba
Vilcabamba downtown
Andy & Erik

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