Dec 2008. Photos from Brazil, South America.
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Argentina is famously European in comparison to many other Latin American countries. The country is more subtle, and maybe more insular than many of its neighbours where self-confidence and melancholy mix providing intriguing experiences.

Buenos Aires is a huge, working city, without any spectacular sights or landmarks, but has a world class array of eating and drinking options. Figuring out what time of day to eat, drink or see some tango can be a challenge, but the steaks, wine and high quality dance are all well worth it. Neighbourhoods like Palermo and Recoleta are safe places to wander round the beautiful architecture and leafy streets, Boca is worth a look for the Camanito and the Bombonero football stadium, where it becomes clear that Maradona is the spiritual leader of the country.

Mendoza is thoroughly pleasant, with large squares, sycamore lined streets, and close proximity to Maipu and all the surrounding vineyards which you can hire bikes to ride around and sample the Malbecs.

Unfortunately, our trip did not take us down to Patagonia, or up to Cordoba and the recently hyped Rosario, but the coastal towns of Mar Del Plata and Villa Gessel helped provide a sense of normal, real-life Argentina.

  Top Picture : a rose at Recoleta
tango dancers Boca
Palermo Hollywood Graffiti Shoe shop Buenos Aires

Quilmes, served everywhere Buenos Aires
Tevez fans Argentina - Uruguay Monumental
Palermo Art Deco Monumental
Subte Subte
Falabella Department Store front Reebok High Tops!
Florida Street painter
Rainy Buenos Aires  
Inside a fancy mall Tiling on the Subte, blurry
Asian restaurant Palermo Palermo
Palermo Buenos Aires Jazz Festival
Big cheap steaks and crayons Buenos Aires street
Pictures with Maradona Caminito
Boca Boca
Boca Boca
Acabar Sausage, wrapped in ham
Where they keep the world cups Andy & Maradona
Boca, Bombonera Overpriced tango show steaks
Tango Show Tango Show - Viacen?
Recoleta Recoleta
Recoleta Recoleta
Recoleta Recoleta
Recoleta - great 30's typography for you geeks Eva Peron grave
Graves Guardia
Flower stall Recoleta Puerto Madero area
Puerto Madero Puerto Madero
Puerto Madero Puerto Madero
Another sausage picture  
Outdoor Parilla Puerto Madero
Great tilework Palermo Hollywood
Flowers Buenos Aires train station
Bridge in the Andes Antares pub chain - Mendoza
Lisa Mendoza Hotel Belgrano Mendoza
Mendoza Mendoza
Mendoza The bus to Godoy Cruz
Mendoza Mendoza art deco
Bomberos Fire Lapaka Digital
Mendoza sycamore trees Galli Mendoza
Mendoza Galeria Banco de la Nacion Argentina
Tiled Square Inset typography
Flores Reina Regalos Hostel Alamo Mendoza
Edificio Juan Lelio Maipu wine region
La Rural Bodega La Rural Bodega
Wine making Mendoza San Felipe Bodega
Mendoza Mendoza
Maipu Vineyards Wine in Maipu
Old wine Mendoza
Mendoza Cafe Old Fiat
Lep Buses Mendoza Square
Andes Beer Crates Fish in a fish
Rooney in the paper and some snails Mendoza train station
Mendoza train station Mendoza train station
Park Hyatt Mendoza Park Hyatt Mendoza with a Boca Jnr
Park Hyatt Mendoza La Barra Mendoza BEST STEAK IN ARGENTINA
Mendoza train station Mendoza
Mendoza Mendoza
Mendoza Mendoza
Mendoza big park Bank Mendoza
Fancy mall Mendoza Mendoza tables
Las Armas train station Las Armas
Vivorata Mar Del Plata Beach
Mar del Plata - nice restuarant Mar del Plata Fish Factory
Seals, smellier than they look The worst ornaments in the world
Empanada door handle Andy and his stupidly sized ice cream cone
Mar del Plata Mar del Plata
Mar del Plata Sigue con... Two and a half men...
Toledo supermarket ACA, whetever that is
Ice cream shop MDP bus station
Villa Gessel Villa Gessel
Holly Krap! Andy Villa Gessel
Benita - lovely bar in Villa Gessel  
Villa Gessel street culture  
Lisa in the cafe at Buquebus Buquebus - fancy ferry terminal for Uruguay
Buenos Aires docks The last view of Argentina