Dec 2008. Photos from Brazil, South America.
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Bolivia is an unpredictable country, which is rich in natural beauty, but also desperately poor, with years of civil unrest driven by internal and external politics revolving around cocaine production.

In the more travelled areas, Lake Titicaca is famously the world's highest naviagable lake, and has crystal clear water and pinsharp colours. The small town of Copacabana provides a relaxing spot to laze around and get acclimatised to Bolivia's many charms.

La Paz is a little insane, with steep roads feeding into this frenetic city with masked shoe shine boys patroling around markets selling llama foetuses, with all of this next to an English pub with Sky Sports, and a hostel with its own microbrewery and rooftop hot-tubs.

The trip around Salar de Uyuni is quite possibly the most spectacular thing you can do in South America, Red lakes, endless salt flats, geysers, salt hotels, flamingoes combine on a stunning 3 or 4 day trip.

  Top Picture : Desert rock formations around the salt flats
Range of Trucha (trout) options
Helados Copacabana Rocky beach Copacabana

Bolivian women with bowler hats

Bus times to La Paz Daniel
Lisa drinking beer by Lake Titicaca Copacabana
Design Copacabana Copacabana from the stations of the cross
Lisa Lake Titicaca lake Titicaca
Andy Bolivia Sun Bolivia
Lake Titicaca Stations of the cross, Copacabana
Some cafe bar Copacabana Pilsener La Paz
Watching the super cup in Bolivia Copacabana cathedral
Titicaca Titicaca world's slowest boat ride
Almuerzo Donkeys Bolivia
Lisa Isla del Sol Isla del Sol view


Cairns Isla del Sol
Pigs by the beach Andy & Lisa isla del sol
Isla del sol Andes
Andy the hiker Decorated buses in Bolivia
Nice design on a boat Bolivia Andy & Lisa at sea (lake)
More truha Fizzy beer
la Paz Wires in La Paz
Bottle La Paz Casa de la Democracia La Paz

Book sculpture, La Paz

La Paz square
La Paz bus station La Paz communications
La Paz housing La Paz downtown
Paz La Paz
The worlds ugliest city river, La Paz Coca Museo (closed)
La Paz bunting La Paz fabrics
Llama foetuses Incan market
Sofia Andes and La Paz

Crocodile La Paz

Kids swings
Incan carvings La Paz mountains
Worlds most dangerous road waterfall on the road
Andy on the bike ride Lisa on the bike ride
Monkey Yikes. Hope your driver isn't drunk.
Andy & Lisa on the worlds most dangerous road Shafts of sunlight in the Andes
Andes misty Bolivian banana sellers
Bolivia Peru border begging, Bolivia
serious looking La Paz military La Paz military
Overturned truck, Bolivia on the way to la Paz
Evo Morales poster La Paz flats
Camet bus Bolivian mural
Dizzying view of La Paz housing Al Fascismo - anti fascist mural, I think
More Evo Textiles factory
Man peeing in the street Bolivia
Statue in Uyuni Freezing hotel Uyuni
Hoste recommendations Uyuni Arce
Train graveyard, Uyuni Andy on a disused train
heat haze Uyuni Train to nowhere
old beat up car salt right
Lisa carrying the jeep be excellent to each other
Cacti and Salt Salt and Space
People in a ring Album cover
Train tracks to nowhere More disused train
Jeep to the salt flats Andy taking yet more pictures
Flags of South America Scale
Mid air On top of the flats
A sign Baby llama or vicuna
In flamingo land Lagoa azul
Lisa on salt Flamingoes
Crystal clear 1 Crystal clear 2
Jeep t nowhere Man in a hat rock
Red lake Red lake and flamingoes
National reserve reserve
Clear bolivian rocks Lisa and Bolivian rocks
Sing song on the last night Bolivian red wine
Dawn at the geyser Dawn jeep ride
Mist morning Frozen misty morning
Misty rockpools Misty smoky
Misty smoky and dangerous Jeep buddies
Hot spring Lisa victorious
Mudpool Bolivian immigration